Since the practice launched e-Consult over 130 patients have submitted online consultations using the new platform.

Every practice in England has to provide on-line consultations by 1 April 2020 but we decided to get started straight away and embed the new technology in the way we provide access to services.

You dont need a log-on to use e-consult and you dont have to be a computer whizz-kid to use it. You can launch e-consult directly off our website home page and it works on smartphones, tablets and PCs.

We'll still be here for those patients who prefer the traditional forms of contact.

e-Consult provides self-help information and guidance on a range of common conditions syndicated from NHS.UK.

If you want advice from a GP you can go on to complete one of the many customised forms which are designed to collect the same information the GP would be doing in a face to face consultation. The difference is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. You can submit e-Consults 24 hours a day and we will respond by the end of the next working day.

If the GP feels you need to be seen with your condition then they will reply with a message asking you to call the surgery and when you do the Receptionist will be able to allocate you an appointment. This can be really convenient in helping you plan your days. At a time when our capacity is really being stretched by ever increasing demand this is a way to avoid the phone queues and stay out of the 8:30 rush.

In the majority of cases we have seen so far there has been no need to be seen at all and the GP has been able to offer advice and even issue a prescription electronically to the patient's nominated pharmacy.

Our pharmacist is available four days and week and can review e-consults relating to medication queries.

e-consult is also really convenient for administrative interactions such as extension of sick notes and travel vaccination forms.

We'd encourage everyone to try e-Consult next time they need our help.

You can watch  a short video about e-Consult or visit our main web page about on-line consultations.

And please feel free to give us some feedback about e-Consult via our contact page. We want to know what you think about on-line consultations whether you use e-Consult or not.