On some days it feels like summer isn't quite over yet but we are already planning our autumn flu vaccination programme.

With the stresses and strains on the entire NHS it really is important this year that we all do our best to maximise the level of immunity in our community before the virus starts to circulate.

With over 5000 patients to vaccinate it is vital that as many patients attend our community clinics as possible. We wanted to give all our eligible patients some advance notice of the dates so they can put them in their calendars.

Please don't call us if you cant attend the date or dates scheduled for your age group.

We will schedule some 'mop-up' clinics once we know how many people still need to be vaccinated after the main community clinics are complete. We will announce the additional dates after the community clinics are complete so keep an eye on our website or social media. If we have your mobile phone details and you havent withdrawn consent for us to do so, we will send SMS reminders to let you know of additional dates.

These mop-up clinics at the surgery divert nursing resource away from other important activity and that is why we aim to get as many people through the community clinics. We plan very carefully to ensure that queuing times are kept as short as possible.

As usual , at the over-65s clinic there will be the health and well being fair where you get the chance to meet with a variety of organisations and have a cup of tea and a chat before you leave.

We try hard to make sure that patients in wheel chairs or with limited mobility find the experience as easy as possible and we really appreciate the efforts that so many patients make to attend the clinics.

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