After the uncertainty of delayed vaccine deliveries we are now in a position to announce our first clinic dates.

We will be running two days of clinics over Saturday 2nd October (9.00am - 5:30pm) and Sunday 3rd October (1pm to 5pm)

The clinics will be at Ainsdale Methodist Church.

The clinics will be walk-in clinics with no booked appointments. This enables us to save patients from having to call the surgery to book an appointment. Our call volumes are already running at exceptionally high levels.

Walk-in clinics are very convenient for patients and protect the normal running of the surgery from being swamped with extra phone calls. However it is more difficult to predict how many patients will attend. 

To help the flow of patients and maintain a safe and distanced environment we are restricting the first two clinics on 2nd/3rd October to patients who are aged 72 years and over ( and their younger spouse/partners of course) 

We will be getting a second consignment during the second half of October - date to be confirmed - and we will be running more weekend clinics when they arrive. These clinics will be for patients aged 65-71 years and older patients who weren't able to make it on 2nd/3rd October.

In the same delivery will be our vaccines for patients aged 50-64 and younger patients (18-49) with specific conditions. We will be announcing details of clinics for those patients very soon.

We are sending a personalised invite letter to all eligible patients (65+) which will come through the post from Tuesday onwards. People attending the clinics are asked to bring that letter with them as this serves as your vaccination form and will help us process people through the clinic more efficiently. A generic copy of the letter can be viewed on this link ahead of your personalised version arriving through the post .

We will also be sending out SMS messages nest week to patients for whom we hold a mobile phone number.

We would like to thank all our patients for their patience in waiting for our vaccine delivery. In previous years we have been able to communicate much earlier and with greater clarity but circumstances this year have made it very difficult.

Like all GP practices in England, Ainsdale Medical centre had to purchase our flu vaccines almost 12 months ago. We have committed to buy enough vaccine for all our patients over 65 who we vaccinated last year. Please support the surgery by attending one of our clinics. Thank you for your support and co-operation.