We have sent an invite letter to all our patients aged 65 and over providing details of how to book in for the community clinics at the Ainsdale Methodist Church.

They should be arriving with patients from Wednesday 9th onwards and patients are asked to read the letter carefully and only call the surgery once they have received the letter.

Letters for patients aged under 65 who are considered to be 'at-risk' will be getting their letters towards the end of September shortly before we get the vaccines delivered for this group of patients. 

Parents and guardians of  children aged 2-3 years will be notified via letter or SMS during September. Children who are at school up to year 7 will be vaccinated by the school nursing team and schools will be writing to parents about this.

The government announced back in July that otherwise well patients aged between 50 and 64 years will be vaccinated this year. We have no guidance at all on this part of the programme other than that the vaccines will be supplied centrally during November and December. All the vaccines that we will be receiving until the end of October are for the normal groups of patients that we vaccinate every year.

Click here to see an overview of our flu programme this year.

Click here to watch our patient information video about the flu vaccination clinics we will be holding at the Methodist Church.