We are reaching the end of the second vaccine cycle at the Sandbrook Road vaccination clinic for all those patients who received their first vaccine there In January February and March.
Important : Anyone who had Pfizer as their first vaccine (up to and including 25th Feb) but who has not yet been contacted by the surgery should contact us as soon as possible.
The last Pfizer clinics for the these patients are running today (Thursday 13th May ) and tomorrow.
There are AZ clinics running on 18th , 19th and 20th May for people who were vaccinated up to and including March 10th
The final AZ clinics for patients who received their first vaccines 16th – 21st March will run over four days 27th – 30th May and we will be sending out invitations for those clincis during the course of next week.
There are a small number of patients who have been called in to have their first vaccines at Sandbrook Road in the last few weeks. We will be in touch in early June to let them know the arrangements for receiving their second vaccine.
The vaccination clinic at Sandbrook Road will be de-commissioned during June when all the clinics have been completed for patients in groups 1-9.
Any eligible patients seeking their first vaccination should now be contacting 119 via the telephone or via the online booking service https://www.nhs.uk/.../coro.../book-coronavirus-vaccination/