We are close to completing our booking process for our patients aged 80 years and over.

If you are 80 or over and have not yet heard from us please get in touch.

Please help us by thinking about people in that age group that you know and checking in on them to make sure they have been contacted about their vaccine.

We do want to know about patients in this age group who have independently organised to go to one of the regional centres ( St Helens etc) so that we can cross them off our follow up lists. We need to be sure that we are reaching all of the most vulnerable and socially isolated patients who may not be able to contact us them selves.

This only applies to patients at Ainsdale Medical Centre - all practices are organising their patient contacts differently.

Please don't get in touch yet if you are in the Over 70s group so that we can focus on making sure that every single one of our 80+ patients has been contacted.

If up are in the 70-79 age group and have received a letter from the NHS you can arrange your vaccination that way. More vaccination centres are bring opened via the 119 NHS programme ( 60 new centres in the UK this today) and these will become more local as the programme is ramped up.

The list of centres is published by NHS here but it is currently only up to date for 15th January.