From Monday 14th December 2020 we will be making an important change to how patients access the surgery for pre-booked appointments. This will reduce crowding at the entrance, improve patient flow and provide more shelter from the weather for people waiting to enter the building.

When you book your appointment you will be assigned a colour – AMBER or GREEN - which
denotes the type of appointment you are coming for and which door to check-in at.



Acutely unwell people attending for the first time or for a follow up for a
previous episode. These appointments are with a GP or other prescribing
clinician and will have been consulted first on a telephone call. This would
normally exclude people with acute respiratory conditions that could
potentially be Coronavirus.
‘Amber’ patients will be directed to the front door which is the one visible from
the front path.


Otherwise well patients attending for proactive/preventative treatments and
reviews. These appointments are usually with the nursing team.
‘Green’ patients will be directed to check-in at the side door (off the patient
car park behind the surgery building)
We generally have many more green patients than amber patients on any
given day and the side door provides more space and protection from the
weather for them.

RED’ patients are those who are acutely unwell with symptoms that could indicate Coronavirus. If, after a phone consultation, the GP feels a physical examination is required then the patient will be booked into the GP Contact Centre at Freshfield surgery. This centre is run on behalf of all practices in Southport and Formby and helps reduce the risk of infection in our GP surgeries.

New signage will be put up outside the building to help you find the right door when you arrive.

Please wear a face-covering when you come to the surgery.

When you book your appointment we will send you an SMS ( if we can) with more details on how to find your way to the correct entrance. If you don’t use a mobile phone the reception will explain the arrangements over the phone.

We are continuing to monitor updates in NHS guidance and will make things easier for patients
and staff when we can do so safely.