Being active is one of the five ways to well being.

At Ainsdale Medical Centre we have been encouraging each other to take regular physical exercise as a way of keeping fit and healthy through these difficult times.

On June 1st we started our virtual tour of Europe.

Over 20 members of our practice team have signed up to take part. Each member of the team has chosen a special place in the UK and Europe that they have visited before or where they would like to go when travelling safely is possible once again.

We have plotted  all the destinations on a map.

We will add up all the distance we cover on our daily exercise and the combined total each day will move us along our route. Cycling, running and walking any distance count by the kilometre and each 30 minutes of other exercise ( pilates, gym, weights etc ) counts as 5km.

When we reach each destination on the way the person who picked the place can share a happy photo of their special place with the rest of the team.

Our route will take us as far north as Edinburgh before heading South and West  to Europe where will will visit Vilamoura in Portugal and all places en route to our final destination, Budapest.

The route is over 13,000 km from start to finish and we estimate we will 'arrive' in Budapest by the end of July. We will be posting our progress on our social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

Many of the team have a personal reason to be grateful for the amazing work that Queenscourt do as well as recognising how expertly and compassionately they care for so many of our patients.

We recognised the serious financial pressures that the Coronavirus outbreak has caused for Queenscourt and thought it would be a great way to try and raise some funds for them.

You can find the link to our fund raising page by clicking the VIRGIN logo below.

Thank you for your kind donations and support.