Extended Access to General Practice

Since October 1st everyone registered with one of the GP practices in Southport and Formby is able to use the 7-Day GP service.

The 7-Day service is based at the Family Surgery (but is not connected to the Family Surgery GP practice) which is at 107 Liverpool Rd in Birkdale.

Between 5pm - 8pm Monday to Friday and between 9am - 12 noon on Saturday and Sunday the service provides the same kind of appointments as we do during the core opening hours at Ainsdale Medical Centre. You can see a GP, prescribing nurse, practice nurse, Health Care Assistant and even now a physiotherapist.

The clinicians at the service have the facility ( with your consent) to view the same medical record as the clinicians at Ainsdale Medical Centre and the detail of your consultation and any treatment or prescribed medication is sent to us here on the same day as you are seen.

To find out more about the 7-Day GP service, visit the service's website or, to book an appointment, speak to the reception team at Ainsdale Medical Centre.




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