Repeat Prescriptions

Orders for repeat prescriptions can be made via any of the on-line services listed below

Patient Access

Evergreen Life

You can also use the new NHS App which is available to use on smartphones and can be downloaded from the app stores.

Please do not use e-Consult to order repeat medication unless you also need to consult with the doctor or pharmacist about the medication. 

You can also request a repeat prescription on paper . If you request it in person then please use the tear off slip from your previous prescription to re-order and post it in the box inside the front door or through the letter box if the surgery is closed.

If you don’t have the tear off slip then your request can be handwritten on a piece of paper. 

From 6th March 2017 Community Pharmacists will no longer be able to order repeat medication on behalf of patients of this surgery. For safety reasons we are unable to accept requests for medication over the phone. 
You can order by dropping off a written request at the surgery even when we are closed. The NHS App for your smartphone and PC is a really easy way to order medication. We can also take medication requests via fax: 01704 385044

Ordering Online

Prescriptions can be ordered using the online services. More information about these can be found on our online services page here. You can also read more information about the new NHS app here.

Ordering on-line is easier for you and provides for an easier, error-free processing of your request since it is paperless and there is no re-keying of data to be done in the practice. Please speak to Reception for more information on how to register for on-line services.

When to Collect

We require at least two working days to get a prescription safely processed and approved. Below is an easy reference grid that shows you when you can expect to be able to collect your prescription.

If you use the Electronic Prescription service (EPS) we can transmit your prescription to your nominated pharmacy so that you dont have to come to the surgery in person. Read more...

 Request received before

 Prescription available after

 14:00 Monday

 14:00 Wednesday

 14:00 Tuesday

 14:00 Thursday

 14:00 Wednesday

 15:30 Friday

 14:00 Thursday

 15:30 Monday

 14:00 Friday

 15:30 Tuesday


Please note:                                                                                  

If your request is for Warfarin, remember to include your INR reading and the date it was taken with your request as we cannot process your prescription without it.

Contraceptive pill and HRT can only be issued during an appointment with one of our nurses or health care assistants as there are some routine health checks which must be completed each time these items are prescribed to make sure they are still suitable for you.

Drug Wastage

About £300m of medicines are wasted each year in England, half of which is unnecessary, a Department of Health study found last year. If the rest of the UK is taken into account the figure is closer to £400m.

Please just request only what you need.

Medication Reviews

Medication is reviewed by your GP or our practice pharmacist each time you request it. If they feel you need to come in for a review, either with the doctor or nurse, the surgery will let you know, either by contacting you directly or by adding a note to your prescription. These reviews are required to make sure the prescribed medication is still appropriate for you. If you are not compliant with these reviews, we may reduce the quantity of the medication issued to you until the reviews have been completed. You may see a medication review date on the repeat side of your prescription. This is for office use only and nothing for you to worry about.


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