Routine childhood and adult vaccinations

    (15 Feb 2024)

    The Living Well bus can offer all routine childhood and adult vaccinations

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    Increase in telephone calls received on a Monday

    (29 Jan 2024)

    Significant increase in telephone calls received on a Monday

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    Think Measles

    (23 Jan 2024)

    Have you got a rash and do you feel very unwell – don’t go to the surgery, walk in centre or your local accident and emergency department – Call ahead, that way if you do have measles – you won’t pass it on to others – it can be a fatal disease if someone has a weak immune system and can’t fight it off – if a pregnant woman catches measles – it can harm her baby. Measles is serious, call ahead and get advice.

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    We are upgrading our telephone system - Go live date is 9th January, 2024 between 11am and 2pm

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    Problems with our telephone lines dropping calls

    (02 Jan 2024)

    Issues with calls dropping when they are answered by the Receptionist.

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