Change in Prescription Charges & HRT Pre-Payment certificate available


Change in prescription Charge

Please Note:
From the 1st April the NHS prescription charge has increased to £9.65 per item – please be aware some items do have a double charge. If you have several prescriptions a month then a pre-payment certificate may be beneficial - Buy an NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificate - NHSBSA

There is also a new HRT Pre-payment certificate available. This is a once a year payment of £19.30 and covers all issue of selected HRT for that 12 months.

When ticking the back of the prescription form to declare your exemption please be aware that the correct box must be ticked and the declaration signed, failure to do so, or failure to select the correct exemption can result in a large fine. You, as the patient, are responsible for any exemption declared and not the dispensary staff. If you are unsure, please check your own exemption before collecting.