Over the next few days, you may receive a text message from the surgery regarding registering for our new online consultation service, and containing a link to the correct website to do this.

We know there are many untrustworthy messages being sent out. We want to reassure you that this is a genuine text message from Ainsdale Medical Centre and is not a scam. You can see a copy of the message below to make sure. Where we have written ***First name*** this will be filled on the text message with your name.


***First name*** have you registered for our new online consultation service? Get non-urgent medical advice from the surgery via Patchs. For more information and to register click here https://bit.ly/3YdCAJD


More information about our new online consultation service, Patchs, is available on our website.


If you do not receive the message, and would like to receive messages from the surgery, including appointment reminders, please let the receptionist know next time you contact us and we will update your records.