Our mission is to support our patients in living healthier lives and to care for them and the people close to them when they experience poor health.



Our Shared Values


We value the quality of our care and the safety of our patients and our staff above everything else. ​

We will endeavour to demonstrate these values in our relationships with our patients and with each other:-

  • To be caring, kind and compassionate.
  • To be welcoming and approachable when people come to use our services.
  • To be respectful and treat people fairly and consistently without showing discrimination of any kind.
  • To show empathy and make people feel that they are being listened to.
  • To always give of our best.
  • We believe in the importance of involving patients in decisions that matter to them and affect their care.
  • To keep our knowledge up to date and seek out new opportunities to learn and develop.
  • To be honest, open and trustworthy.
  • To safeguard the privacy of our patients.
  • We want to maintain a culture where people feel free to raise concerns. When things do go wrong we focus on understanding why and take steps to prevent the same thing happening again.
  • We value the importance of teaching and education

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